L3 Anatomy Modules – Price £350

This set of modules includes the below three sections:

• Click here to see Anatomy and Physiology & Pathology

• Click here to see Health, Safety and Hygiene 

• Click here to see Business Management for Health and Wellness Professionals 

A ‘Level 3’ Massage qualification comprises the below elements:

  • Lessons and assessments in anatomy, physiology, pathology and health & safety.
  • Practical massage lessons including in-person sessions and practice ‘case studies’ at home.
  • Face to face discussion of massage theory topics (such as how to carry out a client consultation, and learning about health conditions)
  • A course handbook which complements what you learn in-person (to support what you learn in class/ to act as a reference going forward)

You receive your certificate once these elements are completed.

About the anatomy modules:

Thinktree is an internationally recognised awarding organisation who certify massage and other holistic courses. Lake District School of Massage courses are approved and accredited by Thinktree, who also provide the lessons in anatomy & physiology, and health & safety which they present in a nice, online format with short sections and inbuilt tests. (Other longer massage courses, such as those in colleges, have time in class for you to work on these modules, usually with pen and paper- which makes those type of courses much longer in duration. Whereas, on LDSOM courses, you can do these modules in your own time at home which is more convenient for most adult learners).

You can purchase the online modules in anatomy & physiology, health & safety and business structures which make your course into a level 3 qualification on this page (select the ‘add to basket’ button below).

They normally cost £480 when bought directly off the Thinktree website, but with the school discount, you can buy them directly from this webpage for £350.

Key information about the modules:

  • You can purchase them before, during or after your course.
  • You must buy them within 12 months of ending the course.
  • If you already have done a Level 3 Anatomy qualification before or you are a doctor then you might be exempt from taking the Anatomy module. Please contact Devon with information about your existing anatomy qualification if you have one. However, you are still required to do the other two modules in Health & Safety and Business Management.
  • If you do not intend to work on the public/receive a certificate, then you do not need to do these modules. 
  • Once you gain access to these modules you have up to 12 months to complete them, but it is possible to complete them in a few weeks depending on how many hours a day you spend on them.
  • After purchasing, you will be sent the link to the modules by email- please allow up to 3 days to process.
  • You will be given access to 3 modules which are included in the price. There is a button at the bottom of the page linked to the health & safety and business courses which asks you to pay, do not pay for these (they are included for free already), you can access them above this in the course description area.
  • You will be given a PDF of the Anatomy book when you buy the modules.

See booking terms and conditions


Buy the modules:

Option 1 – £350

Health and safety
Business management

Option 2 – £175 (Only suitable if you are exempt from re-studying anatomy, please contact Devon to find out).

Health and safety
Business management

*Once you purchase these, please allow up to 3 days for processing and receiving the link to your modules.

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L3 Anatomy Modules


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