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Grow Your Massage Business

Find out how to get more clients, more income, and have the work-life balance you crave.

This guide is for you if you are a self employed massage therapist and you are passionate about the importance of the work you do. Now you really want to get more bookings so that you can help more people, and have more money for yourself to be rewarded for all your efforts.

Receive guidance on 20+ topics including pricing, branding, staying safe and marketing with video tutorials and written advice to help you set up and streamline your massage practice for long term success.

You also get a business consultation appointment with Devon, Lake District School of massage owner and teacher, to help you achieve your goals.

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With this guide you will

  • Discover how to attract more clients whilst avoiding the wrong type of customer
  • Find out about admin systems which increase sales and give you more free time
  • Gain confidence to upsell your treatments, and get your clients to re-book
  • Receive personalised advice on boosting your business

Price: £125


Grow Your Massage Business

Original price was: £160.00.Current price is: £125.00.

Find out how to set up your business for success and market your services so that you can earn more from the therapeutic work you do

It costs a lot to run a solo business as a self employed therapist; the training, equipment, insurance, music, oil, towels, cleaning products, candles, uniform, laundry bills, the list goes on! All bought to make your clients feel looked after.

Plus you spend a lot of time organising each appointment; messages, prepping, meeting, greeting, massaging and cleaning. You do so much to keep it all running smoothly, and you should be compensated for your time and dedication.

It can be a very rewarding job, really helping people first hand (so to speak!) And seeing that transformation in your client’s stress levels, physical tension and mood, and knowing that it was you who helped them is very gratifying. Perhaps it is one of your life’s purposes, to heal.

But when the bookings are low and subsequently your income is not steady, and you’re worried about how you will earn enough to feel stable, it can weigh down on you. It feels mean, considering how much you help people, and all the energy you put into your business.

This guide helps you to find ways to increase the amount of bookings you get and to charge more for your services so that you can earn more with ease. Each section is full of industry knowledge and experience gained from studying massage and business over 15+ years in the form of tips, videos and useful links to resources. You also get a deep tissue hands-free back massage tutorial and a consultation call with the teacher of this guide.

Guide topics


How to use the guide

Your ‘why’

Acknowledging your work motivation to power you on

Setting up for success – Money mindset

The psychology behind having an abundance mindset


Gain confidence in pricing your services


The importance of accounting for your business practically and spiritually, a step by step guide on what you need to do.

Confidence in your skills and with pricing

Get comfortable with being an expert and receiving financial abundance

Booking systems for success

How booking systems help to increase sales

Branding and attracting the right type of client for you

How to ‘speak’ to your ideal type of client in your marketing

Re-booking your clients

How to encourage your clients to rebook an appointment with you before they leave the building


Guidance on these aspects of marketing:

  • Choosing a business name
  • Making a Google listing
  • Getting client reviews
  • Creating a website
  • Using social media
  • How to upsell your treatments
  • Using a mailing list for promotion
  • Face-to-face methods
  • Printed promotional materials
  • Creating programmes & packages for your clients
Massage Skills

A deep tissue hands-free back massage tutorial video

Self care

Advice, exercise and self massage related to keeping feeling good physically and mentally as a massage therapist.

Staying safe

Ways to prevent the wrong type of client from booking an appointment

Your consultation call

Arrange a 40 minute video or phone call with Devon to discuss your business goals and how to get there. Devon can also look at any website or social media pages you have to suggest potential improvements.

Bonus webinar on earning more
Screenshot of zoom call presentation

Buy guide for £125

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Grow Your Massage Business

Original price was: £160.00.Current price is: £125.00.

Find out how to set up your business for success and market your services so that you can earn more from the therapeutic work you do

Kind words from learners…

Devon was a wonderful mentor as I started to expand my massage business, providing much needed guidance. Her recommendations were invaluable and I really appreciated her advice on pricing – I had been underpricing myself, and her advice gave me the confidence to increase prices, giving me more income with no extra effort! She also gave me some great tips for re-booking clients, which helped me secure multiple regular clients who are now my core business.

Lauren Cape-Davenhill
(Massage and business tuition)

Devon is a natural teacher and really helped with the business aspect of massage!

Emily Louisa
(Massage and business course)

Devon is a great teacher and caring mentor. Highly recommended x

Janet Marrison
(Massage and business course)

Thank you Devon for creating such a great course, you’re one of the best massage teachers I’ve come across with your attention to detail and care for your students success.

Natalie Mason
(Massage and business course)
Rydal Water in the Lake District in autumn

About Devon, the teacher

Woman smiling in the Lake District, wearing a red jumper and a heart shaped necklace

Why this guide was made…

As a self employed massage therapist and the owner of a training school, learning how to run a business was essential for my survival! But when I started out I lacked any skills with money, admin systems, or even knowing how to deter dodgy clients! None of these vital skills were included as part of my massage courses, which is a shame because most people who train in massage want to become self employed.

After years of trial and error, and discovering nifty methods to keep my business running safely and surely since the start of my massage career in 2008, I was bursting with tips and tricks. I was always advising my massage therapist friends, who also saw big improvements in sales and their wellbeing too.

So I decided to create this collection of all I learnt relating to enjoying and making money with massage over the years, so that more therapists like you can progress with ease, without having to spend 15 years finding out how to do things properly like I did!

Devon 🙂 Massage school founder and teacher.

More about Devon


How much does the guide cost, how long does it last and any hidden fees?
The guide costs £125, you have it forever, there are no hidden or extra costs
What does the business consultation call involve?
Arrange a 40 min video call with Devon. Prior to the call you will be sent a form asking about your business goals and any issues you are facing, as well as any links you may have to your massage work social media or website. Devon will review these and prepare some advice for you. During the call you will have the opportunity to discuss what you want from your business, and receive personalised guidance on how to achieve it.
How do I access the guide?
When you buy the guide you will receive an email payment confirmation and receipt. You will be sent your login code shortly after.
I am new to massage, is it for me?
Yes! This course would help you to set up your self employed business so that you can prevent issues down the line such as receiving messages from dodgy people, no-show clients and not making enough money.
I already have an established practice and know lots about massage and getting clients, is this guide useful for me?
Yes it is. I already had a practice and got new clients too when I discovered how to really improve the way I did things. I made this guide based on what I learnt from other (quite pricey!) therapy business courses, as well as seeing how making changes to my own business helped.
I only do a bit of massage work, I’m mainly a practitioner of other healing modalities, is this guide still relevant?
If you are a self employed holistic therapist and your healing modalities include reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki, readings, acupuncture, or any other method, this guide is ideal for you. It is designed for self employed holistic therapists who want to make work easier, and to earn more money.
Can I meet other people who have received this guide?
I have a private Facebook group of learners which is open to recipients of this guide as well as learners from my face to face courses. The group is a nice way to meet new people, share success stories and ask questions. You can also join a 1 or 2 day CPD course in Hands-Free Deep Tissue Massage or Onsite Chair Massage which take place in Ambleside (see the Courses tab on this website). These in-person courses are designed for existing therapists to learn how to massage whilst saving their hands and wrists from strain.

Massage therapist

Pricing details

The guide costs £125 which includes:

  • 22 sections on setting up and sustaining your business including written tips, industry hacks and video guidance
  • A deep tissue back massage tutorial video
  • A bonus webinar on earning more for your therapy work
  • Lifetime access to all content
  • A 40 minute business consultation call with Devon to receive advice on specific topics or general motivation, to use within 12 months.

The results

After reading and watching the videos in the guide, as well as having your business consultation call, you will…

  • Feel confident in pricing and marketing your services
  • Be inspired to try new ways of promoting your treatments
  • Know how to rebook your clients so that you get more repeat business

Buy guide for £125

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Grow Your Massage Business

Original price was: £160.00.Current price is: £125.00.

Find out how to set up your business for success and market your services so that you can earn more from the therapeutic work you do

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