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Exercises to improve posture

We all want better posture, more alignment and less of the dreaded rounded shoulders position from staring at a screen too much. Typical ‘bad’ posture can be described as when the body is out of balance often causing the shoulders to round and the lower back to over-arch. The causes of this are manifold, but are often due to poor sitting postion at a desk, poor sleeping position, a lack of exercise and even childhood stress. Yes, its not just bad habits as an adult, but the fact that our physical frames rapidly develop at a young age. Imagine 4 year old in an unhappy home sat with rounded shoulders to protect themselves. Such situations all have an impact on tension in the body as an adult.

Posture is a complex issue and deserves various remedies including: healing on an emotional level, releasing tension from the body and mind through means such as talking therapy, yoga, meditation and massage, and of course with exercise. Movement and strengthening exercises play a massive role in postural correction. Our bodies are designed to move and be strong, so use it or lose it (so to speak!)

Rounded shoulders? = Strengthen the upper back!

Muscles are meant to move and be strong. All of them. Most people just do one or two types of exercise such as walking or jogging. Whilst all movement is good, just walking will not really work your shoulders. When there’s a lack of balance in what muscles you strengthen, there can be a lack of alignment in your body. Did you know that most people’s glutes and abs are really underdeveloped, which affects the quality of support that the pelvis can offer you to keep you aligned? The remedy? Stretch and strengthen the right muscles to re-balance areas of weakness.

A nice intro to postural correction exercises

What about massage or chiropractor appointments for posture?

Wellbeing appointments like massage release pressure from the body and can help you to relax. They can energise you, and might give you a boost to practice other forms of self care like exercise. But appointments by themselves cannot improve posture in the long term. Any physical therapy has to be in combination with exercise to really make a difference.

Enjoy this video to make your shoulders feel good 🙂

Pilates pilates pilates!

Pilates is great to strengthen the core and subtle leg muscles to keep you aligned. Your core which is mostly bum and tum should be toned which can help to prevent lower back pain. Footballers do it, celebs do it, I do it, my partner’s mum does it. Do you do it?!

To conclude

Modern life habits, work and stress can all have an impact on posture. To help counteract these factors and to feel good make sure you use and strengthen all your lovely muscles as nature designed! The tools to do this are ready to hand: local exercise classes, Youtube videos, dumbells, resistance bands, the wall! Hate to quote a huge corporate sports brand, but seriously, just do it!

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