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Get more massage clients

Dear massage therapist,

So you want more clients? I will share some ways which have really helped me..

But before you work on boosting your client base, I would like to make sure you have eliminated this sentence from your speech. It is a sentence I hear A LOT in massage therapist groups online, also when I meet up with other therapist friends, and the sentence has a couple of issues with it. So here is the worst sentence for a massage therapist to say, and I do not blame you if you have said it before, I am here to help. Here goes…. ‘’I need more clients!’’ Okay, so what’s the harm in saying that? Why is it bad to want more clients? It’s not! But there are a few fundamental things this sentence is highlighting which are important to understand before you work on getting more clients. Here we go…


The word ‘need’ has a stressy energy to it. Just look at the sentence ‘I need more clients!’ and consider how it makes you feel. The word ‘need’ implies lack; it conjures up an image of a self employed therapist looking at their empty work diary and panicking. Sound familiar? It is not fun to taint your business with this stressy feeling. Instead try the gentler version of the sentence ‘I would like more clients’ or even better, ‘I LOVE getting new clients’. This one is a celebration of meeting new people who you can help, and doesn’t it just have a dare I say good vibe to it?! Using positive language just makes you feel better.


Now that you’ve updated your lingo, as well as the actions described below which could help to generate more business, why not try another positive mindset activity? Try this: replay the feeling in your mind’s eye that you get when clients book an appointment. That little heart-jump when you make a sale on your booking system, or when someone messages you asking for an appointment. Imagine that exciting buzz. Ok I shoehorned a bit of visualisation (ergo manifestation) into that tip, but whether you are spiritually minded or not, it’s much more pleasant to feel a pleasant anticipation rather than a fearful worry! It doesn’t mean to say that you don’t take real-world actions, it means that you take action, but from a place of positivity not panic. The lighter feeling created from this subtle shift in language and thoughts, according to texts on the law of attraction, can powerboost getting what you desire.


Now for another tip…

Work smarter not harder

Now that you are thinking in a more excited and less fearful manner, a quick question, are you charging enough? Here’s some maths, if you charge £45 for a 60 min treatment and do 10 hours of treatments a week you get £450. If you charge £70 for a 60 min treatment and do 10, you will receive £700 a week. Much better! If this sounds too much then take a look at this Money Mindset article to help shift your beliefs around earning. When it comes to pricing there are a lot of costs which go into setting up and running your business; all the subscriptions, promotion, insurance, products, equipment, not to mention the training costs, the cleaning, and the time spent promoting. Factor all these costs and time in and charge what you’re worth: an effective therapist who will help your clients to feel a whole lot better.

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Massage skills

Be great! Be great at massage. Find out if your treatments are really working well for people. Two ways to discover this: do you have at least a handful of clients who regularly re-book? If not, why not? Could you contact them and ask for some honest feedback? Alternatively/ in addition, carry out some treatments on honest friends or family and get some detailed feedback? Whatever the outcome, keep training; watch videos and take workshops to maintain or up-level your skills. And set up a treatment swap with another great massage therapist so you can keep honing your talents and trying new things. Be the best you can be at massage and you will naturally get great reviews and be recommended. If you are confident in your skills, then are you asking your existing clients to re-book?

Rebook your clients

Before you embark on a quest of seeking more clients, what about making the most out of what you already have; ie. your existing clients? Your existing clients are already on board. You do not have to prepare bait, wait and catch them! So get them to re-book. Make sure you have a conversation with them at the end of the treatment to educate them on when they should come for another appointment and discuss booking it in. You’d be surprised at how few therapists do this, and how useful it is!


The customer experience

Make sure the client’s time in your care is pleasing. Key things: cleanliness, friendliness and cosyness! Make sure the areas the client sees be it the corridor, loo, and of course treatment room are spic and span and smell lovely. Greet them with a big warm smile, tell them your name and take some time to really find out about their problem areas and what kind of treatment they want. Then keep the communication up during the treatment; check in with them. For example, after you’ve worked on their problem area for a bit, ask them if they’d like more work there before you move on. As a client, it’s great to feel like you have some control in the situation, and that the massage therapist really cares about providing the treatment you need. Nothing worse than a massage which skims over some tense knotty areas which you really wanted help with. So check in with your clients to make sure they have received what they wanted. Also check their temperature lots, I don’t mean put a thermometer in their mouth mid treatment! But ask them a few times if they are warm enough. People’s temperature can change a lot during an hour or more of lying still, and there’s nothing worse than a cold massage!


Make sure your clients leave you reviews on Google! Once your business is listed on Google, encourage clients to leave a review by sending them a link to make it nice and simple for them. The more positive reviews, the higher your Google page will feature online and the more appealing your services will look.

Once you have these fundamentals in place to make the most out of your existing clients, then you can try ways to increase your new client base. Otherwise you will be on a merry go round of having one hit wonders! ie. clients who only visit once.

An interesting way to get new clients..

There are tons of ways to attract new clients, and this is one which has worked for me. I learnt a simple seated acupressure shoulder massage routine (onsite chair massage) then visited local events and offices to carry out mini treatments. During my visit I would hand out my flyer or business card. In the age of the internet, this can seem old fashioned! But it really did boost the amount of people who went on to book 1-to-1 treatments with me, as well as being a great earner in itself, plus it provided loads of variety in the massage work I did.

For lots more ways to promote your services the Grow Your Massage Business guide helps you to set up and boost your business so that making more money is easier.

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