Providing deep tissue shoulder massage as part of a seated treatment

Workplace wellness in Cumbria

Do you have a hardworking team of colleagues in Cumbria who deserve a real treat? The Lake District School of Massage team of qualified therapists will come to visit your workplace or event to provide healing, effective deep tissue massage treatments. Your team will be smiling all day!

Workplace massage for employee wellbeing provides your team with a real boost. Massage can help alleviate and prevent common issues for office workers including headaches and back pain. Providing your employees with a soothing treatment for typically tense areas including the back, neck and shoulders allows deep relief from everyday work and life pressures, resulting in an improved state of mind and energy levels.

So often full time workers struggle to find time to fit in wellness appointments around a busy schedule; having massage treatments at work can make wellbeing easy for your team.

We also provide massage visits at events so that you can treat your guests to a memorable experience.

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Massage visit options

Workplace massage for your team – Using a massage chair

Providing deep tissue shoulder massage as part of a seated treatment

Deep tissue back massage treatments carried out over clothing for convenient stress and pain relief in the workplace


With this style of massage referred to as office chair massage, onsite massage or seated acupressure, the therapist massages tense upper back areas including the neck, back, shoulders, head and arms. This provides soothing, effective relief of knots and tightness. The recipient will feel light and relaxed afterwards. This treatment can help to prevent headaches and RSI.

Typical treatment timings

Per hour:

  • 4 people – 15 minutes each
  • 3 people – 20 minutes each
  • 2 people – 30 minutes each


Workplace massage for your team – Using a massage table

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Deeply soothing massage treatments for your employees using nourishing massage wax or oil


A relaxing yet firm massage to relieve aches and tension. The therapist brings aromatherapy and calming music to create a peaceful environment. Helps to boost the immune system, improve sleep, improve mood and to prevent a buildup of tension and pain.

Typical treatment timings

30, 45, 60 minutes

Massage treatments at your event

Onsite chair massage treatments at an event, massage therapist providing deep tissue shoulder massage

Treat your guests to a massage treatment to make their visit to your event truly memorable…

Examples of events we attend…
  • Promotional events for your organisation
  • Sporting events
  • Wellness themed festivals
What treatments are on offer?
  • Chair massage treatments carried out over clothing for the back, neck, shoulders, head and arms which can be 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes per person.
  • Table massage treatments using oil which can be 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes per person.

Benefits for recipients…

Improves mood and energy levels
Relieves stress and pain
Improves sleep
Massage at work is convenient for busy schedules
Helps prevent sick leave
Massage is proven to boost the immune system
Improves office atmosphere and team morale
Attracts new staff and customers

About the team

Three smiling female massage therapists stood besides a massage chair


From left to right to Emma, Gillian, Devon.

Devon Collier has worked in the massage industry as a deep tissue massage therapist since 2008 in Manchester. She is based in Ambleside and trains new and advanced massage therapists to start or advance their holistic therapy careers. For workplace and events massage visits, Devon works alongside qualified, insured therapists who are graduates of her massage courses for advanced therapists.

Emma Pickup is a massage and beauty therapist based in Penrith, and teaches on Lake District School of Massage courses.

Gillian Ridding is a massage and dental therapist based in Kendal who specialises in TMJ therapies.

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How much does it cost?
We provide an accessible rate which can either be paid for by the company, or by each staff member paying for their mini treatment. We also offer a loyalty option with a generous discount if you re-book us within 6 weeks 🙂 Contact us with details about your workplace or event including the location for a quote.
How do I book a visit?
Get in touch by email at or freephone Devon on 0800 086 2644 to arrange your visit.
Are the therapists qualfied?
The therapists are experienced, qualified and insured.
Which areas do you visit?
All over Cumbria and certain parts of Lancashire including Penrith, Carlisle, Kendal, North and South Lakes, Blackpool and Fylde.
How do I organise the booking slots for my employees or guests?
For workplace bookings, we will provide you with a timeslot document which your employees can choose from. Likewise for events, the therapist will bring a timeslot sheet for guests to reserve a time.
Where can the massage treatments take place?
For office visits, the chair massage treatments can take place in either a separate room or the main office space. The recipient stays fully clothed. Oil massage treatments require the use of a separate room which is large enough for a massage table and a therapist to comfortably move around it.
Does the person getting a massage need to bring anything or prepare?
There is no need to bring anything but it is advised to have drinking water available for your employees or guests.
What does the massage therapist bring?
We provide the massage equipment: massage chair or table, time slot sheets for recipients, health consultation/consent forms, cleansing sprays or wipes, relaxing music and essential oil diffusers or aromatherpy products. For oil based treatments we also provide towels.

Kind words from clients

I had an outstanding massage experience at The Abbey House Hotel with the Lake District School of Massage led by Devon. The therapists were excellent, showcasing amazing techniques that skillfully addressed the knots in my back. A highly recommended and skillful team!

Deborah Brookes
(Events Massage )

”Having a massage therapist at our event brought in a lot of attendees! Everyone wanted a treatment and those who had one were very pleased. The therapist brought items to make the whole area relaxing too with music and nice smells! Devon was very professional and kind”. Eleanor Hall, Event Organiser.

(Events massage visit)

‘’Fantastic massage from Devon. She taught me some stretches that will be really helpful too. I always feel 100% better after our session!’’ Jane Salt, Mental Health Team, NHS on behalf of Take a Breather Manchester.

(Workplace wellness visit)
Hand massage treatment

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