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Benefits of being a massage therapist

What is it like to be paid to help people to feel a whole lot better, to work in a relaxing setting, and if you’re self employed, to have complete control over your working hours?

It’s fantastic!

Maybe you like your current job and just want to learn an extremely popular service to boost your income? Then getting paid to provide massage therapy is an awesome addition to your existing skill set. Especially as the hours can fit in around what you already do, for example, you could choose to provide massage one day a week to increase your income significantly.

Or maybe being a massage therapist is a new start for you, because you are not satisfied in your current role? You have to work long hours, five days a week, and take orders from a higher up. Maybe what you do is repetitive and you look out of the window dreaming of more interesting realities. This was me for years and years! I worked 9-5 in an office sitting uncomfortably in front of a computer, trying to stay awake, in a room full of other people also propping themselves up with caffeine and sweet snacks. Sleepy people all typing and sighing at the relentless list of tasks, with little variety in what the tasks were. If this sounds anything like your present situation, and you crave more freedom, independence, and income from your job, as well as the reward of truly making people feel amazing, then you are going to find that being a massage therapist is such an interesting rewarding thing to do!

I love to reflect on the difference between my job then and now. The biggest change is the work-life balance. Before, my job took a lot out of me, namely lots and lots of hours. Each hour I would be paid a set amount. And I had to work lots of these hours (37.5) a week, (as well as the 2 hours of commuting each day) in order to earn enough. This was the deal and there was no wiggle room. Day in, day out, the same. Now I can earn the same amount I would make in a whole day, which was from 8am-6.30pm counting the commute, in a few hours! So what does that mean for the rest of the day? Time to cook, eat, rest, learn, plan, write, hang out with the cat, visit a friend, go shopping, go swimming. All the things I wanted to do when I was stuck in the office.

Now my working days are a pleasure and more importantly, no one is telling me what to do! Ok, this means I need self motivation. But that’s easy when you are passionate about your job and receiving money. I love the freedom, but more so, I need it to be healthy, I need down time, I need time to myself, as well as time interacting and serving people, but don’t we all?

Here’s more on why being a massage therapist is great:

Variety – You get to meet new clients all the time. Ideal if you are a people person and enjoy seeing a friendly face. But equally, if you’re someone who enjoys peace and calm, you will enjoy this aspect during treatments where the setup is very soothing.

More about variety…You can work in a range of settings, this could include from a home or garden treatment room, in a centre alongside other therapeutic businesses such as a gym or a counsellor, in the great outdoors- imagine lakeside treatments for swimmers or at a festival, working mobile; visiting clients in their home, or visiting community, charity, events and workplace settings to provide mini seated acupressure treatments, or lastly opening your own centre or shop. There are lots of options!

Freedom – If you choose to work for yourself and go self employed with your massage work you have complete freedom over your timetable. This can mean deciding which hours and days you work and listing them on your company information, or one step further, entering them into an appointment booking system online so that clients book in for when you are available. And the rest of the time you are free to do as you please. Maybe you only want to work a few days a week, or to have 1 week off a month. Or to work one day on, one day off. You can design your own timetable according to your needs and desires. And your clients will book appointments accordingly. Why? Because clients have varied timetables too, some prefer appointments on Monday morning, some Wednesday afternoons and some on the weekends. There is always a demand for massage.

A relaxing work environment – not many people can boast the fact that their workplace has aromatherapy candles burning, soothing music playing, the glow of ambient lighting and decor chosen by themselves. If you have your own treatment room at home or in a centre, you often have freedom over how you design it. Whether you prefer a clean and clear, sporty look or an ambient, earthy style, you can make it your own. It can be fun selecting colours and pictures which inspire you. Your clients will undoubtedly love these too!

Satisfying work – Massage improves lives. Stress plays a massive role in the cause of disease, and massage dissolves mental and physical stress. It reduces pain. It makes people feel a whole lot better. And you get to do all this with your magical powers (ie. the skills you learn on a course!) Working as a massage therapist you will see clients come into the room who have been suffering with issues like headaches, insomnia, low mood, back pain. Then you get to see them leave the treatment room smiling, feeling light and calm. You can heal people and its very rewarding. Then you get to see the 5 star reviews they left you, and have them recommend you to others. It is very gratifying to have this effect on people.

I hope you like the sound of this!

Here’s a video on the subject too:

Practical stuff
Ok, so aside from all the benefits of working as a self employed massage therapist, some organisation and business sense is required to get set up and to make sure you are safe, well paid and in control of your admin including your timetable, accounting and marketing. Don’t panic! There are lots of good courses which can guide you on this. And if you like the idea of learning more on this, face to face, in the Lake District (England), you can take a recognised qualification course which covers marketing, business and deep tissue massage, all in a pretty lakeside spot amongst the mountains, forests and sheep!

In sum, being a massage therapist is a brilliant job if you’re anything like me: you like variety at work, you want a flexible work pattern, you enjoy receiving lots of thanks and instant positive effects from the work you do, and if you choose to go self employed: you want complete control and no boss!

I wish you lots of success,

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