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About the school

At the Lake District School of Massage you develop your hands-on healing skills in beautiful Lakeland settings giving your training a retreat feel.

Group numbers are kept small which makes the learning environment friendly and calm. The cosy group size also means that you get lots of attention when practising new techniques, and lots of opportunities for interacting during discussions about setting up and marketing your services.

Devon Collier set up the courses to train others in the wholly restorative therapy of deep tissue massage..”It can be hard to find a great massage therapist who really takes care of neck pain and knotty shoulders, so it is my honour to train others how to do this!”

Devon believes that the key to a happy work-life balance is to work smarter, not harder…during courses you learn how to massage in a slow and strain-free way which means you get more results for less energy output! You are also guided on how to make your massage business smooth-running and profitable so you can have the peaceful lifestyle you desire. 

And did you know? All courses have payment plan options, find out more on each course’s details section.

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Deep tissue shoulder massage lesson

Massage Style

All of Lake District School of Massage courses include how to massage hands-free (using the forearms and elbows) so that the therapist can sustain their career, and the client can enjoy receiving soothing, powerful treatments. Repetitive strain injury, and general thumb and wrist pain are very common issues for massage therapists, and contribute to many having to end their therapeutic work. This can be completely prevented by the therapist learning how to use hands-free methods to massage instead of their hands. Not only do these techniques protect the therapist from pain, but they can help you to maintain your energy levels due to the slow nature in which the techniques are delivered.

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The school’s Level 3 Massage Therapy course is accredited by ThinkTree, who also approve the CPD workshops for existing massage therapists. Thinktree are an International Professional Association for complementary therapists, practitioners of all modalities including sport, courses providers and the public seeking professional health treatments, CPD and Accredited courses.

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Devon’s Story…

I began my career in massage whilst working as a receptionist in a therapy centre and school in Manchester a long time ago! As well as my admin role I was taught how to carry out massage treatments at the training school. I quickly found out how satisfying it was to ease client’s tension and transform their mood with massage and loved helping people directly. However, the massage techniques from my training were solely focused on using my hands, and before long I developed wrist pain; a common cause of burnout for massage therapists. I considered leaving but I had no idea of how to work as a self employed massage therapist because the training hadn’t included anything about how to set up a business. After a while I had had enough of massage, and made a career change (or several!) But as you might have guessed, massage made its way back to me!

Over the years I kept encountering people in real need of treatment to remedy pain, and I kept wanting to help. And after all my years in 9-5 jobs after working at the massage centre, I really wanted more freedom in my schedule. Can you relate? I decided to go self employed as a massage therapist but I still lacked business know-how, and the skills to massage without causing myself hand and wrist pain.

I decided to upskill by learning techniques on how to massage using my forearms and elbows. These firm and soothing moves protected my wrists and hands from overwork. And I took more massage courses, as well as business courses, and paid for mentoring. I got to a stage where I was really pleased with my massage style and my business, and wanted to share all I had learnt with others.

I have designed courses which focus on simple, powerful massage moves, as well as therapy business skills, so that you can make it big from day one, and keep going… without hurting your hands and taking 15 years and loads of different courses to work it out like I did!

And why the Lakes? Ever since I can remember I loved leaving Manchester for days out to admire the greenery and peacefulness of the countryside. I focused on that ideal throughout my life, and I am extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to live in the Lake District. I am overjoyed to be holding my workshops and courses in this refreshing, inspiring place.

I look forward to showing you how rewarding, grounding and transformative massage can be for yourself and your clients.

Devon x

Massage therapist smiling leaning on treatment table

Meet Emma…

Emma Pickup is a Lake District School of Massage teacher. Emma has trained on multiple Lake District School of Massage courses and now teaches them. She has a background in Education Studies and Beauty Therapy.

”I am passionate for holistic wellbeing, and naturally healing aches and pains. Massage provides so much nourishment for the mind and body. I thoroughly enjoy working with Devon and educating people with effective deep tissue massage knowledge!” Emma.

An 2024 Introduction to Massage course review facilitated by Emma,”I would highly recommend this course. Emma is so welcoming, calm, patient and inclusive, creating a safe space to learn. A thoroughly enjoyable day in great company. Thank you.” Claire Errington.

Body Massage

Learn deep tissue massage so that you can provide a really effective treatment that your clients will keep re-booking. Also learn hands-free massage techniques to save your wrists from strain.


Workshops and courses are held in inspiring natural settings so that you can enjoy peaceful views over the lakes, rivers and mountains as you learn!


Become a professional massage therapist in just a few weeks. In person courses are 5 days maximum and are concentrate on hands-on practice, allowing you to master a fantastic routine in a short time.

Lake District course venues…

Courses take place at different scenic locations in the Lake District. Some dates are held at Brathay Hall in Ambleside which is right next to the lake (Windermere), it is a beautiful, peaceful setting and there is accommodation on site if you book early enough! (See the guide below) Some dates are held at Ambleside Parish Centre in Central Ambleside, close to shops and cafés making it convenient for lunch options. The Parish Centre is in Rothay Park, with mountain views, a field of sheep and a river 🙂 And Lakeland Wellbeing in Keswick, close to the town centre and glorious Lake Derwentwater is the base for the Introduction to Massage and Couples Massage workshops.

The Level 3 Massage course also has an all inclusive retreat option at Nab Cottage near Ambleside. Click here to find out more.

Accommodation Guide
Rydal Water in the Lake District in autumn